Our Mission

At L & J Roofing and consulting services Inc., our mission is to serve the community with the most qualified uncompromising workmanship and service. We work with dedication and integrity, and strive for a position of leadership in the roofing industry. With a foundation of respect and trust, our goal is to build lasting relationships, striving for complete satisfaction of all of the commercial and residential projects that we undertake. We emphasize the latest technologies and newest products. We find the most practical solutions to business and job-related problems. We focus on safety and educational issues contributing to the advancement of the roofing industry and also to the betterment of society.

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Our Approach

Our Story

Why L&J Roofing and Consulting Services Inc?

  • Establish driveway and landscape protection
  • Protect air conditioning units
  • During initial tear off, we remove all existing nails from the roof instead of pounding them back down into the roof deck
  • Ice and water shield is installed to roof deck on all valleys, chimneys, skylights, vertical wall flashing, and pipe penetration
  • Use only actual starter shingle designed for perimeter protection instead of 3 tab shingle turned upside down
  • Chalk lines are drawn for proper roof layout so the shingles are laid out perfectly straight
  • Shingles are installed above manufacturer specifications concerning nailing i.e.
  • L&J Roofing installs 6 nails on all architectural shingle roofs instead of 4
  • Use only lead pipe collars for soil stack flashing instead of neopreme rubber flashing
  • Continually clean while applying product during application and final cleanup is absolutely meticulous
  • Use only the top quality products and all installations are in accordance with manufacturers requirements
  • We recycle your old shingles
  • Have convenient, flexible financing available to meet your project needs

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